Message from Ian Girling, Dorset Chamber Cheif Executive

Please see below message from Dorset Chamber Chief Executive Ian Girling

Dorset Chamber chief executive Ian Girling said: “We are at a critical point in the fight against coronavirus.

“The new measures will be a concern for some sectors of business but clearly action needed to be taken to get to grips with the escalation of the virus.

“Some hospitality businesses will undoubtedly be disappointed and the guidance on homeworking is a major change just when employees were returning to the office.

“We must not hide away from the fact that a return to homeworking will not be easy for some employers and employees.

“Some roles are suited to homeworking while others are not. There is productivity to consider, and it may be problematic from a HR management perspective as well as for those people who do not have ideal homeworking conditions.

“Many businesses have already carried out a huge amount of work to make their offices Covid-safe and now face implementing fresh working practices.

“There will be an economic impact from the new measures but the Government is in a high-stakes balancing act and a full national lockdown is the very last thing anyone wants.

“Dorset businesses have consistently demonstrated their resilience and ability to adapt during this period of national emergency.

“I am confident that they will be able to do so again in the weeks and months ahead.

“The Chamber remains on hand to support all businesses, members and non-members, as it has done from the start of this crisis.

“The overwhelming vast majority of businesses in Dorset have acted responsibly throughout the pandemic.

“I am sure they will continue to play their part in keeping people safe


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