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There are a wide variety of reasons for joining a Chamber such as ours. Even in this age of technology, as a new business, do not underestimate the power of building relationships face to face through attending networking events. It is not easy to walk into an event but you will soon feel at home and we will do all we can to help you make the right contacts. Whatever the size of your business you will have access to a range of benefits all geared to advising, helping and developing. We support local business relationships and in turn our local community.


At the heart of being a Chamber member is the opportunity to network with other businesses.  Through networking we not only receive business leads but we form strong relationships within the local community allowing us opportunities to be consulted on and become involved.  We are currently hosting a series of Happy Hours usually at The Dolphin Pub for all our members and potential members to come along and meet each other.   These take place on the 1st Thursday of the month.

Real networking should be organic and grow, the more contacts you make the wider the opportunities for business spread.  Trust and familiarity are still as important in commerce as they ever were in the ‘old school network’ of bygone years.  The only difference now is we belong to a shared interest group rather than rely on our history or family.

Our town your business

We love to support The Town and its many groups and organisations; The Town Team, The Town Meadow Group and the Town Council, Three Rivers Partnership etc. We love to support local events such as Gillingham in Gear, Next Steps Apprenticeship Evening at the School, and Gillingham Town Council’s Lighting Up Festival. We love to hear about and support new ventures so please get involved.

Support, contribute and develop

We have a very industrious town with some amazing and interesting industries to shout about.   Some traditional bricks and mortar companies work alongside new internet and virtual businesses.  The town has grown from its small origins to a thriving business community in all its guises and many of those companies are members of Chamber.  Many of them support us with our mission and values for our town and we in turn promote them as well as raising their profile across online platforms such as this website and a full social media programme.


  • May Networking

    Come and network with other local businesses at the Red Lion, Gillingham. Wednes...

  • April Networking

    Come and network with other local businesses at the Red Lion, Gillingham. Wednes...

  • March Networking: Gillingham

    Come and network with other local businesses at the Red Lion, Gillingham. Wednes...


A note from the Chairman of the Gillingham Chamber of Commerce

I could not be more honoured to continue to serve as the Chairman for the Gillingham Chamber of Commerce.  We have an amazing committee of exceptional talent and experience who share the vision and desire to make Gillingham a great place to live, work and play.

During this Pandemic we have witnessed so many Businesses grind to a halt on the 24th March, for 10 weeks and longer they were and some still are, unable to trade due to the Government directive and advice.  For many of our Businesses, had the Government and some generous Landlords not stepped in and offer financial assistance I am sure we would be looking at a totally different picture today.

However business life is starting to get back on to its feet, the High Street and Business Parks are springing back to life, hopefully with the help and support of our local residents, orders and turnover will be back on the rise very soon.

There are so many businesses, organisations and associations that have been doing the most amazing things in our community especially during this awful COVID Pandemic, turning their hands and skills to making Protective ware, Screens, Sanitisers Scrubs, Masks and signage to name just a few of the items supplied. Furloughed employees volunteering to help the community.  All this incredible generosity from Gillingham residents has brought our community closer together.

 The Chamber continually works to partner with and support those organisations already working to make our community stronger.  The Chamber would like you as a partner in support of our mission and we would like to be a partner in support of your business interests. We have  great support from our own Chamber Members, Accountants, Solicitors and Marketing Personal backed up by Dorset Chamber Of Commerce who can help and support your successful businesses, offering excellent links to many groups offering help and assistance. It is at the heart of all we can accomplish and by working together we are stronger and better positioned to grow and maintain a strong business community.

The Chamber is a key organisation in Dorset County that can provide opportunities for businesses to develop relationships, connect with community leaders and elected officials. We also provide an easy way to stay on top of issues that impact local businesses.   The Chamber is well positioned to provide value to any individual or business who wants to be part of the solution.

Over the next few weeks, we shall endeavour to get our Chamber’s Networking evenings back onto its feet, inviting some guest speakers to join us, highly likely it will be via Zoom so watch this space for more information

It is my privilege to invite all, members, and future members, to learn more about the Chamber and reach out to get us all engaged. 

Visit our website to find out more

Sharon Cullingford

Thank you for Reading
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