Business breakfast and events

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]A wave of community runs through the towns people with many societies and groups striving to keep, develop and build better facilities to keep the town alive and growing. A Town Team at the heart of the people works to unite the different elements such as Town Meadow, Neighbourhood Plan, Group, and Regeneration Group along with a hardworking and visible Town Council. Business groups such as Chamber of Trade and Commerce, Town Breakfast Group and North Dorset Business Group mix and mingle regularly to develop links and promote businesses throughout the region.

Gillingham is a hub for sports and leisure events hosting large crowds at both the Gillingham Football Club and North Dorset Rugby Football Club providing sport for all ages. The, Gillingham Wheelers, Gillingham Tennis club and the Hockey club boast large membership with facilities such as Riversmeet and Fitness by Design delivering a comprehensive provision for sport. The local history society, ramblers, gardening, WI, Rotary, Lions… all provide a plethora of activities for every person in the town to take part in something.

The town is proficient at putting on events, both sporting and cultural. The revamped town meadow now able to host many functions including Gillingham in Gear, Fetes, The Lighting Festival and the visiting fair at Carnival time when the town comes out in support of the local parade through the High Street. With the revival of a Gill festival and the GIG thisyears Music festival, the schools drama and music department and the monthly film showing at the Methodist Church a world of culture is opened, accessible to all residents and visitors. An events venue at the Olive Bowl and private caterers The Dorset Chef together with portable and mobile events vans allow townspeople every kind of expertise and resource to put on an event.

Gillingham offers a diverse and enriched society with opportunity both to enjoy and take part. A rich tapestry of groups and societies allow passions and past times of all descriptions to be catered for, woven together with Anglican, Catholic, Methodist, and Baptist Churches all within minutes of the main street, meaning the entertainment and spiritual welfare of most of the inhabitants can be catered for without leaving town. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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