Seeds of Recovery

“Never underestimate the power of a planted seed” – unknown

Happy New Year to all our members and to all businesses everywhere.

The year 2020 has been one of the most challenging years most businesses will ever go through and survive.  Unfortunately, many didn’t make it and many of those who did are not the same as they were just one year ago.

Our vocabulary has been littered with words and meanings that to some are completely new, to others, take on a whole new meaning.   Farming communities in particular have furloughed their fields on a rotational basis forever.  It gives the land a chance to recover precious nutrients before a fresh crop is sown in the hopes of a greater yield.   Our workforce may well have had extended rest and hopefully will come back refreshed and full of ideas to make the business work.

Young men will never be introduced to the mild Corona beer of the continent without associating the word pandemic with their drink.   Pandemic in all its biblical interpretation is now a real almost tangible word.  Social media once the most uttered phrase in everyday dealings, drawing people into the same world has changed to social distancing which is quite the opposite; pushing people away.   The greatest word change, of course, is the verb zoom which implied a movement of fast and furious proportions or to focus in on something within a larger picture, now is the most popular meeting delivery method.

As we enter the new year 2021, we realise we are a resilient people who do not give up that easily.  We have made it through and now we want to start rekindling a world of normality.  Like a seed planted in the autumn, we have begun formulating new ways of working and branching out in exciting new diversifying ways of working.  Being thrust back into a lockdown situation is like a winter frost delaying the shoots of newness and promise.

Great news and hope that there are now vaccines starting to be made available which will offer protection from the virus.  Once people are safe from contracting the virus, they will venture out locally, start to support the local businesses and with toddler steps create a sapling economy.  With support from local companies and townspeople that sapling will strengthen and grow.  As with all growing things each step is a wobbly tentative toddle towards the next successful milestone. As with every toddler, it is strewn with obstacles that trip us and take us back but determination and defiance keep us going until success is reached.   So it will be for our local shops and business community as we step closer and closer back to normality.

Gillingham Chamber of Commerce and Industry has nearly 100 members all working for and providing services to the local community.  They too have adapted and changed.  They are now using Zoom for networking and committee meetings. They will be back to face to face networking as soon as it is deemed safe but in the meantime, they deliver the same opportunities to mix and be part of a not just a local business group, but their affiliation with Dorset Chamber offers a greater web of growing opportunities.

The committee is looking for new members to join them.  Have you got a couple of hours per month to zoom into a meeting and help nurture the growth of our members and commerce back to normality?

Gillingham Chamber of Commerce and industry.

Please let chamber member Vale Secretarial know what you are able to offer during this latest lockdown.  We would like to promote all our members at the right time so if you have adapted and wish us to promote your business currently email and we can include your business in our social media coverage.

“But the seeds of recovery are being sown”  –  Queen Elizabeth





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