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07 Mar The Slade Centre

The Slade Centre - Anne Hitchcock Contact: e: w: t: 07775 431652   The Slade Building, The Square Gillingham, Dorset Sp8 4AY...

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16 Dec Gillingham Enterprise – Town Team

The Town Team is supported by Gillingham Town Council  as part of  its developing the local economy of Gillingham,  and incorporates Gillingham Enterprise Ltd e: w: t: 07768 444430   20 Kingsmead Business Park, Gillingham, Dorset Sp8 5FB...

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04 Dec Gillingham & Shaftesbury Show

The Gillingham & Shaftesbury Show 2021 will be held on the 18th August and is the Show where business gets done! Welcoming over 20,000 visitors annually from across Dorset, Wiltshire & Somerset for a great rural day out celebrating everything great about the Great British...

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28 Sep Rosher Marketing

Rosher Marketing Rosher Marketing offers a professional, bespoke and flexible service catering for all your marketing needs. We work with small and large companies alike within a variety of different industries. We can help you with anything you wish to achieve - whether that is a comprehensive...

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15 Jan Mulberry Interactive

I've been designing and building websites since the late '90s and have spent the past 7 years working predominantly with the Drupal and WordPress content management systems. Experienced as both a front-end and back-end developer I can create complete online solutions as well as optimise and troubleshoot existing websites.   Contact e: w: t:...

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21 Jan Vocallity

Vocallity The National Business Telecoms Service Provider with the local presence Contact: e: w: t: 01747 822324...

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21 Jan MBS Language Training

MBS Language Training Contact: e: t: 01747 228416

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