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16 Dec Gillingham Enterprise – Town Team

The Town Team is supported by Gillingham Town Council  as part of  its developing the local economy of Gillingham,  and incorporates Gillingham Enterprise Ltd e: w: t:...

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04 Dec Gillingham & Shaftesbury Show

The Gillingham & Shaftesbury Show 2021 will be held on the 18th August and is the Show where business gets done! Welcoming over 20,000 visitors annually from across Dorset, Wiltshire & Somerset for a great rural day out celebrating everything great about the Great British...

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28 Sep Rosher Marketing

Rosher Marketing Rosher Marketing offers a professional, bespoke and flexible service catering for all your marketing needs. We work with small and large companies alike within a variety of different industries. We can help you with anything you wish to achieve - whether that is a comprehensive...

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15 Jan Mulberry Interactive

I've been designing and building websites since the late '90s and have spent the past 7 years working predominantly with the Drupal and WordPress content management systems. Experienced as both a front-end and back-end developer I can create complete online solutions as well as optimise and troubleshoot existing websites.   Contact e: w: t:...

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05 Apr Vale Secretarial

Vale Secretarial We offer competitive, flexible solutions to your secretarial and business needs. We are there to help you get back to doing the job you love and do best. We can work on an ad hoc basis, for short term or occasional projects or can...

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21 Jan Vocallity

Vocallity The National Business Telecoms Service Provider with the local presence Contact: e: w: t: 01747 356206...

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21 Jan MBS Language Training

MBS Language Training Contact: e: t: 01747 228416

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21 Jan Corporate Works

Corporate Works Supplying business clothing to companies large and small throughout the UK Contact: e: w: t: 01747 228338...

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