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25 Mar Gillingham in Gear – Club

Contact: Ron May e: A motor event with an array of bikes & bike clubs, classic cars, lorries and tractors. ...

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09 Aug Sigma Engineering

Sigma Engineering   Contact e: t: 01747 823270   Services: Car air conditioning, car diagnostics, car electrics, car engine tuning & conversion...

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05 Mar Station Road Garage 1912

Local family business offering competitive pricing and a friendly trustworthy service. Class 4 MOT Testing, Servicing, Tyres and the latest Zeus Intelligent Vehicle Diagnostic Technology.  The garage is equipped for general repairs including exhausts, clutches, brakes and timing belt replacements and is an authorised DVLA...

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31 Jul Motocorsa Ltd

Motocorsa Ltd   Contact e: w: t: 01747 811196...

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21 Jan J & R Autos

J & R Autos   Unit 6, Brickyard Lane, Gillingham, Dorset, SP8 4JL   Contact: t: 01747 825511 e:   Services Car Body Repairs, Car Body Repair Shop, Auto Body Repair, Vehicle Body Repair, MOT, Car Garage, Vehicle Damage ...

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21 Jan Colin Heckford Car Repairs

Colin Heckford We are a friendly family garage offering servicing and MOT test centre. We have our own onsite repair centre where all types of vehicles are repaired. Our knowledge of vehicles is extensive and we provide a wide variety of services and repairs, such as;...

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21 Jan AutoTechnics

AutoTechnics Autotechnics has been specialising in the service, repair and diagnostic testing of VW Audi group and German vehicles including BMW, Mercedes Benz since 1990. We are delighted to be part of the Bosch Car Service Network. Bosch is a global innovator and manufacturer of many...

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