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07 Oct Global Harvest

Global Harvest Welcome to Global Harvest, food, We love it so much we’re married to it, and like all chefs, what We live for is the excitement of creating something new, that just might send customers taste buds into a mad frenzy of enjoyment...

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07 Oct South West Packaging Limited

South West Packaging Limited   Combine the knowledge and experience of a large packaging company with the care and attention of a small one. All of our customers are equally important to us – so whether you’re an established global company or a new start-up, you’ll receive...

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07 Oct Merck

Contact: t: 01747 833033 e: w:  ...

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07 Oct Dextra Group PLC

Dextra Group PLC As the largest independent luminaire manufacturer in the UK, Dextra Lighting continues to go from strength to strength. Drawing from over 36 years of manufacturing experience our core belief of providing the highest quality products backed up by unrivalled customer service remains the...

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07 Oct Chester Jefferies

WELCOME to Chester Jefferies, we are a small family run business in the Heart of the West Country. Our extensive range of leather gloves covers everything....

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