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Chaffers Estate Agents Ltd


Chaffers Estate Agents Ltd

The Gillingham Office: The Gillingham office is located in a prominent position in the centre of town. Your main contact here is Allister Brown. Allister is a Director and joined the firm in December 1990. The Gillingham office has doubled in size and refurbished in 2015 to accommodate our survey department which is run by Dave Trim. Dave is a Director and a member of the RICS as well as a qualified Energy Assessor. Natasha Berry is aiming to qualify as an RICS Chartered Surveyor at the end of the 2016.

The Shaftesbury Office: The Shaftesbury office is situated in the heart of this historic town with a prominent corner position. This office also operates a branch of the Bath Building Society. Your main contact here is Tom Ramsey. Tom is a Director and has been with Chaffers Estate Agents longer than anyone else helping set up the firm in May 1990. Tom has over 35 years’ experience in the local property market learning the business with the long established firm of Senior & Godwin. Also at the Shaftesbury Office is Mike Tarr. Mike who is ARLA qualified heads up the lettings department and has been at Chaffers Estate Agents since 2007.

The Wincanton Office: The Wincanton office is located in a Grade II listed building on the Market Place close to the Post Office. Your main contact here is Michael Trott. Michael joined Chaffers Estate Agents in 2014 and is manager of the Wincanton office. Michael has extensive local knowledge and prides himself on offering a unrivalled service.

t: 01747 822233


6 The Centre, High Street,
Gillingham, Dorset
Sp8 4AB

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