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Vale Secretarial

Professional Services

Vale Secretarial

We offer competitive, flexible solutions to your secretarial and business needs. We are there to help you get back to doing the job you love and do best. We can work on an ad hoc basis, for short term or occasional projects or can offer a more regular service depending on your requirements. The hours you require are the hours you pay for, no more. There are no additional costs such as NI or PAYE, no Pension payments and we don’t claim holiday or sick pay.
Social Media can be a time consuming and monotonous business tool that is being heralded more and more as a necessary business tool. There is also a lot of fear attached to it, which we would like to allay and help you get your name out there.
We offer a scheduling service for your social media requirements and can assist in setting you up or with maintaining your social media presence.
It is now not only possible but more common for most work to be passed through via digital speech files which allow us to work totally virtually and at a time to suit us and you. With technology developing at a rate that most businesses struggle to keep up with, we try to stay ahead of the game for our clients. With access to the most up to date technology and good business practices, we can save you training costs and CPD time and expense.

t: 01747 823699

Promoting your business and raising your profile. #lovegillingham #ourtownyourbusiness