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Gillingham Skillfest

01 Aug Gillingham Skillfest

As most people take time away from work and try and find some sun; members of Gillingham Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI) are beavering away in the background preparing for our Gillingham Skillfest event.  Gillingham Skillfest takes place at the Olive Bowl on the evening of 17 October 2017.  It aims to bring together businesses, apprentices and training providers under the same roof.   It will allow them all to find out more, learn about opportunities and showcase or promote themselves.    GCCI are busy organising speakers to highlight differing aspects of taking on, or being an apprentice in the current jobs market.

Youngsters now stay on in some form of education till they reach 18.  Many will stay on at school or college to do their A’levels, some will go off to university; but for some this is not the way forward.   Many skilful and talented youngsters want to learn in a different way.   These boys and girls need the practical and on the job learning from their chosen careers.  Unfortunately, many find local options limiting so may look to leave the area to find employment.  Gillingham Skillfest will highlight opportunity locally and provide a wide pool of future homegrown employees to the North Dorset economy.

The word apprenticeship seems to conjure up a myriad of differing images; cheap labour, YTS boy to make the tea, the lowest in the pecking order and low wages.   What is the truth? What benefits does an apprentice bring to your business?  What can an apprenticeship lead to?

GCCI are building on their incredibly successful ‘meet your neighbour’ business evening and putting on Gillingham Skillfest.  On the evening of Tuesday 17th October, 6.30pm at the Olive Bowl, they will bring together businesses, apprentices, potential apprentices and opportunities to learn what benefits having or being an apprentice can bring.

There will be short discussions with apprentice providers, Dorset council representation, a former apprentice who has been taken on by their company and a company who have used and taken on apprentices.    Tables are available for companies willing to showcase their apprenticeship success and may be looking to take on a new batch of youngsters.  If you are considering taking an apprentice in the future take a table to show case your business, learn from the experts and fellow business leaders what is involved and how it can really benefit your company.

We are inviting pupils from years 11, 12 and 13 from both Gillingham School and Shaftesbury School to attend. Imagine taking on a young person who studies one day a week bringing in contemporary knowledge of your changing profession.    A fresh eager youngster willing to learn and yet malleable enough to train to your particular methodology, can take your company forward well into the future.

If you would like a table or would like to attend the evening please email

For more information on joining Gillingham Chamber of Commerce and Industry down load the membership form here.

Our next Gillingham Business Club meeting is on Tuesday 19 September and the topic is ‘Employment Law – the do’s and don’ts’

Look out for more information about our Victoriana Fayre on Saturday 3 December 2017.

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