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C: Coffee Companions

19 May C: Coffee Companions

Chat Mats are coming to Gillingham

Chat Mats are a simple way of telling others whether or not their company is wanted in a public place. The enterprise behind Chat Mats is Coffee Companions

The hope is that by using these mats whilst having a drink, or a meal in a cafe or bar, people will make new connections, put down their mobile phones or tablets for a while, and that communities will be strengthened as a result. Chat Mats are for anyone anywhere anytime.
There is lots of support in Gillingham for this initiative. Various groups and organisations will have a supply of Chat Mats and spread the word about them.
We are ready to launch in June!
On Saturday June 10th at 10 am on the Town Meadow, the new Mayor will be present to add her support and there will be a short but fun event including taking silly (or even sensible) photos with her, the Community Choir will be singing, and there will be plenty of Chat Mats.
Thanks to generous sponsorship by the Lions Club of Gillingham, Mere and Shaftesbury, we have a huge supply of free Chat Mats with Gillingham’s Companions Hours printed inside. The Companions Hours will happen weekly in a variety of outlets in Gillingham.
The central collection point for Chat Mats is the public library.
Please think carefully about people who might enjoy being invited to a Companions Hour. All of us can have the experience of being out somewhere on our own, and wishing there was someone to share a few friendly words. Some people can be nervous about the social pressure of being in a public place, or might just want privacy. This is where the red side of the mat comes into its own. You and your friend can use the red side to reassure him/her/you that you can have a private conversation whilst enjoying being in the company of a group of people.

For more information contact Mandy Greenwood, Chat Champion – Gillingham.
07876 298695


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