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03 Jun C: Cyber Security

Chamber members have been invited to join North Dorset Business Group at their monthly meeting when they welcome Dorset Police talking about Cyber Crime.  This is some thing that affects all of us.  If you wish to bring along staff or partners please do so. Places...

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30 May A: Race Night

Early notice of our forthcoming Race Night in November As a Business, you could sponsor a race and promote your business in the race card and throughout the evening. Do you have a staff or guests who ever fancied owning a racehorse or what about being a...

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30 Apr 2. Choice

“If you can’t put your values into your vote, we don’t have a democracy.” -  Jill Stein.   Historically, voting in this country came in tranches; in 1780 only 3% of the population of Britain and Wales were eligible to vote. As time went on working men...

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30 Mar 3: Networked

“Great things in Business are never done by one person.  They’re done by a team of people.”    -  Steve Jobs Gillingham has many teams who come together through sport, charity and business. Sports clubs draw upon the residents of this and neighbouring towns to compete...

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