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C: Read Easy

21 Jul C: Read Easy

We have received the below letter from the team at Read Easy.  If you are able to support them please contact them directly.



Read Easy Gillingham and Shaftesbury was formed in October 2014, as an unincorporated association affiliated to a national charity, Read Easy UK.  We coach adults who struggle with reading – one in 20 adults in the UK has a reading age of 5 or under, one in fourteen adults has a reading age of 7 or under,  and one in six adults has a reading age of 11 or under.  These adults have difficulties reading letters, including official letters, instructions for medication, completing forms, health and safety instructions etc.  As a result their job prospects may be poor and they feel isolated and not part of their local community.

We provide one-to-one coaching in a safe and secure location for a couple of half-hour sessions per week, at times to suit both coach and reader.  Each reader is paired with a coach by our coordinator, who also monitors the reading sessions and supports both coaches and readers.  The coaches receive training from Read Easy UK trainers, and REUK also gives support to the management team as well as insurance for activities.  We are supported by many local organisations, some of whom provide local facilities free of charge, and we also maintain a network of organisations who can refer readers to us, such as Citizens Advice Bureau, churches, Job Centres etc.  Management team, coordinator and coaches are all volunteers.

Since October 2014 we have grown and now have 30 readers across the whole organisation as well as 33 coaches. Inevitably our costs have also increased, especially as we are now required to pay for the training of our coaches as well as host at least two training sessions per year.  We also buy all the books and resources that are used for coaching.  Last year we spent £1447 on books and resources, and we have already spent £943 on training this year.  Next year the amount we pay per coach for each training session will increase by 33%.

The purpose of this letter is to enquire as to whether any of the members of the Chamber of Commerce would consider sponsoring us as an organisation, supporting our expenditure on training and/or books and resources?  Naturally this sponsorship would be acknowledged in a manner to be agreed between us, and we would be most grateful for this help.  We are supported by the local town councils as well as other charitable organisations but our expenditure runs at more than £4,000 per year and this will only increase.  Our readers are always immensely grateful for our help, telling us quite often that learning to read has, quite literally, changed their lives.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Diana West


Read Easy Gillingham and Shaftesbury

01747 838677


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