Gillingham Chamber of Commerce and Industry | C: Thank You Gillingham
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C: Thank You Gillingham

27 Dec C: Thank You Gillingham

A letter below from the Organisers of the Gillingham Community Christmas Meal………..

Thank you, Gillingham,

Gillingham community came together on Christmas Day to provide meals for over 30 guests at the Methodist Church Hall, 9 members of Rawson Court in the town had their meal taken to them and served at the premises and 13 members of the community unable to make the day had meals taken to their homes.

Everyone received an Christmas card along with an array of presents, thanks to the kind generosity of local people and all went home with a hamper from Virginia Hayward along with slices of cake and treats to last well into the New Year

Thank you to everyone who helped, the list is long and there are many who did not leave their names or donated quietly to our lovely drop off points that helped but we cannot thank personally.

Gareth Summeril and Guys Marsh Café – for cooking the meal

Expia for allowing Gareth to use facilities and covering cost of meat and vegetables

John Beresford for cooking the choice of soups

Creative Catering for supplying puddings

Lavender Blue for supplying puddings

Fathers House


Jeremy Anderson for his cake

Lillian Bennet for her amazing cake

Madjeston Milk Station for donating milk and cream for all the cups of tea and coffee

The Coffee House


One Stop,



Virginia Hayward for donating fantastic hampers for all our guests

Gillingham Community Choirs who merged together to form a single wonderful group

The Mayor of Gillingham Sue Hunt for opening the day and welcoming everyone

Topsie Rabbit and St Mary the Virgin Nursery for the Christmas cards

Gillingham Primary school for supplying name badges to all helpers and guests

Stallbridge Linen for the table clothes, towels and tea towels

No Fixed Abode

Father Christmas


A big thank you to all who have donated gifts to our wonderful drop off points.
Alan & Thomas 
Bed and Suite Centre Gillingham
Bupa dental Care in Gillingham
Chapman Moore
Co-op Funeral Care
Harts of Stur
Ugly Duckling Cafe Shaftesbury


Drivers and Volunteers

Celia Goodland

Andy Jarvis

Ant Antwood

Kev Case

John Witcombe

Dan Hill

Anne Kings

Richard Roberts


Volunteers over the two days

Jean Whitehead
Alison Stacey
John Beresford
Paul Dyer
Paul Martin
Sonya Ward
Tina Potter
Richard Potter
Marie Potter
Claire Windust
Chris Windust
Donna (Claires mother)
Geoff Longcroft
Geoff’s wife
Chelsie Lauren
Emma Marlow
Emma’s partner
Janet Hiscock
Jeremy Hiscock
Dawn Williams
Stuart Hicks 
Kate Jane Hicks
Maisie Hicks
Liv Hicks
Maurice Laund
Shelagh Laund
Cindy Galpin
Guy Galpin
Charlie Galpin (11 yo)
Peter Galpin (87 yo)
Naomi Fewins
Jon Fewins
Child 1 (age 10yrs) Fewins
Child 2 (age 7yrs) Fewins
Claire Ludiman
Bob Mitchell
Gina Mitchell
Pippa Cannings
Paul Cannings
Steff Greenwood

Robin Greenwood

Alex Hill
Shiela Franklyn 
Andy Jarvis
Veronica Bygrave
Richard Strookman
Abbey (14years)
Pam Sandford
Elizabeth Hazelwood
Daphne Crouch 
Sarah Junor
Ann Wilson
Debbie Case
Elizabeth Ewens
Sally Webb
Liz McGuiggan
Liz Carruthers
Sally Heselden
Eunice Dale
Phil Dale
Colin The Book
Richard Possnett
Graham Stride
Sadie Moorcroft
Kim Morris
Jim Deering
Shelley Conolly
Hannah Shaw
Faye Tatchell
Rhianna Jones
Shaun Tucker 
Rhiannon Wakefield and son
Brian Anderson
Bea Fleming
Keith Fleming
Lynne Penson
Rachel George
Rachell’s Sister
Mary Jane Grub
John Goodland
Maggie Rees

Lynn Broom

Fran Hill


Thank you, Gillingham and all unsung unnoticed heroes, who in their quiet way helped one another.”



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