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Author: Fran Hill

01 Sep 1. Shop Local

That which is used – develops.  That which is not used wastes away. -  Hippocrates Use it or lose it is an oft-quoted phrase thrown out as a warning too frequently to have the desired effect.  However, it is a universal truth in business that if...

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30 Jul 2. Preparing for Brexit

“In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing.  The worst thing you can do is nothing.”  Theodore Roosevelt A generation may be defined by all the people living at one time.  It might also cover a 30-year period of...

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21 Jul C: Read Easy

We have received the below letter from the team at Read Easy.  If you are able to support them please contact them directly.     Read Easy Gillingham and Shaftesbury was formed in October 2014, as an unincorporated association affiliated to a national charity, Read Easy UK.  We...

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29 Jun 3. Cyber Security

‘A cyber hacker is nothing more than a bank robber using another weapon. His motivation is robbery and theft.’  -  L Collins Gillingham Chamber of Commerce and Industry members were recently invited by North Dorset Business Group (NDBG) to their talk about Cyber Security. This was...

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30 May B: Race Night

Early notice of our forthcoming Race Night in November As a Business, you could sponsor a race and promote your business in the race card and throughout the evening. Do you have a staff or guests who ever fancied owning a racehorse or what about being a...

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01 Aug Gillingham Skillfest

As most people take time away from work and try and find some sun; members of Gillingham Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI) are beavering away in the background preparing for our Gillingham Skillfest event.  Gillingham Skillfest takes place at the Olive Bowl on the...

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