Gillingham Chamber of Commerce and Industry | 3. Mumpreneurs
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3. Mumpreneurs

28 Sep 3. Mumpreneurs

‘Entrepreneur a person who sets up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit’. Google definition.

A new kind of entrepreneur is breaking through the barriers of business and bringing industry into the home environment.   Mumpreneurs are often highly qualified and may have worked in an extremely competitive industry before having a family.

Modern opportunities allow women to train in all sorts of careers, giving them independence and ambition.  Nowadays combining two incomes is often the only way to allow couples onto the property ladder but that doesn’t warrant one to give up work when the children come along.   With a shortage of jobs that can be flexible enough to accommodate women with families, these same women are having to create their own openings.

This new breed of mumpreneur is being facilitated by modern technology enabling working from home opportunities.  Cloud-based storage and file sharing, WIFI and 24/7 accessibility via smartphones, watches and handbag sized tablets allow these women to run businesses on the go.

Gillingham Chamber of Commerce and Industry have many of these mumpreneurs as members of the group.   Our membership secretary Jenny runs her business Jennifer Trim Design and Print offering high-quality graphic design solutions and print options to other businesses and the public alike.  She manages her time around her children and commitment to the chamber whilst maintaining her excellent high standards on the work she produces.

Member Coleen Cahill from Gillingham has joined forces with her friend and colleague from Norfolk to form East West, a web design and branding company.   Coleen works from her purpose-built ‘shed’ in the garden whilst her children are at school and in the evenings.

Bev Kemp our new Treasurer at Gillingham Chamber of Commerce and Industry is another example of working around her children.   Having qualified and run her own business TS Accounting SouthWest Limited, she worked from home for many years.  As the children and business grew she has recently moved to offices on the Kingsmead Estate.

Karen Lester is an osteopath. She works both at Broad Robin and Neals Yard and feels she can make things flexible and work the hours she wants around her children. She finds juggling locations is one of her biggest difficulties but at least this keeps her close to home.

Vale Secretarial is run by our marketing secretary Fran Hill, who has created a company bringing different mumpreneurs under one umbrella of virtual and physical secretarial administrative services.  Giving self-employed mums the opportunity to stay up to date with working practices and technology whilst working part-time around home commitments, she keeps their employability skills current.  For the client, work can be done at any time of day or evening so even urgent jobs can be covered without overtime, but with an extraordinary range of skills to cover even the most obscure project.

The opportunities now for different ways of working allow mums and part-time workers to keep a work/life balance beneficial to themselves, their family and their clients.  Ultimately, their productivity, focus and efficiency are greater than if they were commuting to an inflexible working environment.

Gillingham Chamber recognises the importance of modern ways of working, encouraging and welcoming businesses to their membership.  If you are a business of any description, be it retail, service or modern digitalised virtual provider come and join the chamber.  You can join by downloading our membership forms here or email our membership secretary Jenny on

Following an incredibly successful ‘happy hour’ networking event at The Wine Bar in Gillingham, we will be hosting another one on the 11 October 2018 from 6 – 7 pm.  Please feel free to come along and meet the committee and some of our members, chat with us and see how as a chamber we can help you.

We are also supporting Gillingham School with their next steps evening on 1 November.  They are looking for companies who might be interested in taking on apprentices in the coming years.   They are also looking for people who might be able to take a stand on the evening to showcase their business with a view to future employability.  Get in touch with Emma Vallender on to find out more.


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